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At first I was very concerned by the lack of sheep, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the game was still very cute and good despite the absence of that essential element.

The tunes in the rhythm sections got my head bobbin' a few times, especially Farm Machine

I wasn't the best at the rythm game, but the art and game is super charming! 

I love rythm games and this is very much enjoyable. 

The music, the gameplay and the artwork are just amazing. 

So COMFY yet so BOLD.

Hey, cute game! I was not the best at the rythm part @_@ but it was nice overall, wish it was longer, hope to see more of it /o/

Great little game ! The visual novel / rythm-game / romance mix really works very well : D. (the rythm part is really great & intuitive).
Peacefull music,  great overall graphisms, really a nice idea to get invested in this romance story.

On the suggestions side :
 - Not particulary fond of the full-size-caracter illustrations (the "chibi-sized" ones ar clearly muuuch more "on theme" for me : they are cute, expressives : they get me much more interested by the caracters. (plus : the artist is clearly more at ease with them)).
 - Also, writing could be improved (maybe by taking less time/space ? the "discourse choices" for instance are obviously not used for gameplay. Why put them here ?).
 - Story-wise : Maybe find a more intriguing way caracters could meet, than "being blunt in a bar" : D ? Plus, this bar seem very classy (the waiter is in tuxedo, you dress up fancy to go in), and dont match very well with the farming-side of the story (by which i mean : if you could put this bar in any story, maybe it lack some personality to be convincing).
That is being picky on a really small & charming game of course.
I hope it could help improving future projects : ).

I really wish you'll do a follow-up to this in the future. I sure would like to play more romance-rythm games : D.

How do I give you people money? Please add a feature so that a voluntary donation option appears when I download your game. As of now, this is literally unpayable.

Thank you so much for supporting Seeds of Love!

The SoL team will not be accepting any donations at this time. If you have money to spare for us, please donate it to The Trevor Project or another LGBTQ charity of your choosing. ❤

Curiosity question: Is Maria ADHD? I'm ADHD myself and Maria has almost every symptom.

Hi! I'm Gigi, the game lead of SOL. We didn't write María as specifically having ADHD, but that's definitely a valid interpretation of her character. I'm ND myself, so even if I don't actively intend for characters to be ND, that's sort of my default, haha.

Ah, okay! I can get that haha.

And I do a bit of writing myself, and too often my own characters end up a bit ADHD lol. So I totally get what you're saying.


So so so cute.  Love the almost sticker like pictures of characters during the rhythm game and Maria is super adorable with her expressions during the visual novel part.  Such a fun game to sit back and play on a good day.


Super cute and fun, thank you so much for this!


i love this game so much, the art and story are absolutely adorable, the music's fantastic, and i had a blast trying to nail each song (and cheering when i find myself succeeding - yay for the jukebox!) awesome work!!


So Cute lol


I've been longing for a well-made rhythm game (ノ> ◇ <)ノ♪♬♪♫

Lovely choice of songs, and the beats are really well-timed! Felt kind of sad when all of the 4 songs are over.


So delightful and polished!!! Great job :D 


Cant Wait to try it!! it seems so cute and lovely!

Hey, some of the controls dont work? is there anything I can do? Im talking about the rythm game, it only seems like j and l work


Hi there, sorry about that, the button navigation on the control selection is a bit wonky. We'll work on that part, but for now, if you were using the keyboard to select control options, try clicking instead, and making sure that the control option you selected is highlighted as you exit the menu.


thanks so much for the reply, I will try that :)

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Just finished the whole game... I WANT MORE!! Its so cute and the rhythm minigame is super fun!! 


"With the powers of Minecraft, Harvest Moon and Porter Robinson combined........ Seeds of Love is born." —Gigsabyte


It's out waaaah <3
Played it at SGDA and I had so much fun~
Now I get to play it at home.


Hell yes